IIIIIIII Flat 8 Gallery

Flat 8 Gallery is a space for emerging contemporary European, North and South American artists. We provide a space that allows the artist a more personal connection with the audience, to share ideas, future projects and creative processes. And for the public to have an experience surrounded by art that can later become part of their lives.

The artists who have shown at Flat 8 come from a wide range of disciplines and work in a variety of mediums. Before meeting them at our table, here is a place to find out a little about them.

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IIIIIIII Flat 8 Gallery

Set up in an apartment with room on the walls for a rotation of work, Flat 8 is a concept that works across countries, holding its dinners wherever there is a kitchen to cook in, a table to eat at, and people to share their ideas. Primarily though, the dinners take place in a flat in central Birmingham, next to the cathedral of St Philips.

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IIIIIIII Flat 8 Gallery

There are dinners each week at Flat 8, on a Wednesday, at which artists and guests meet in an exchange of ideas and cultures.

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